Recreational Activities (3)

Recreational activities


Sound mobile
Each team leader draws on paper a sound, it will then communicate to its partners.

We blindfolded the rest of the team, starting whistle, teams must guess and determine what he dtew at the start, without ever using the word.

Passing the ball
Each team lines up in single file, leaving a meters space between each one. The leader of each team is leading its row and, at a given signal, he passes the ball to whoever is behind him by passing it between thier legs. Then the team leader is placed at the end of the queue.

Each team leader puts on thier head a "small cap" and places themselves in midfield and stands infront of two camps, they are called GANGSTERS

At the whistle, the teams shall change ends across the area of gangsters. But the gangsters prisoners who must at this point in their turn become gangsters themselves and of course will put on a small cap. The game is repeated until there remains only one "survivor" and it will give the victory to thier team.

The iced circuit
One member of each team must follow a path defined but walking backwards with a mirror to direct it. All set foot out of the way and leave the participant but all team members can come and participate.

Points are accounted for using the longest course conducted by a team member the minimum path is made of quarter course.

Once ANY team crossed the line, whoever has the ball must run back to the starting point to drop the ball and the team would of completed the task.


Treasure Hunt
Recreational activities

Each team will have a name of your choice.

Office tally will be installed in the hotel, each team leader will meet with his teammates will give the office roadbooks (1 per person) and the first riddle to them.

Once found the first riddle and pointed by the commissioners of the hunt the 2 teams will climb aboard their 4X4 and tell their driver where they want to go based on the information gathered on the roadbook, and so on, places are divided steps between Tozeur and Nafta.

A commissioner on each team is expected to fill the score sheet which will allow us to view the total points earned and determine the winners which will then be presented at the time of arrival at the hotel.

Choice: people can dress in Tunisia costume (djelabba, slipper, hat) to go into the desert.

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