Barcelona Recreational Activities (16)

Team Building Games on the beach

We always believe that hard work and little relaxation from companies are sad. Spend all your time in Barcelona locked in a conference room, does not bring additional incentives or well-being. Then one day together at the beach it will do wonders on the morale of your team! We have carefully thought of outdoor games that would be fun at the same time, which would allow you to enjoy the beach, and fortifieraient team spirit.

All beach activities are fun and work as a group. They are easy and fun, and everyone can participate. Do not worry about anything, we provide entertainers, equipment - including, among other t-shirts in different colors for each team - and the prize for the finalists. We want absolutely everything to go well, we take care of everything, so all you will have to worry about is fun.

After you have divided into groups of 6 people each, the game begins!

Description of activities:

1. Bridge Construction

4 teams at the same time, are competing to build a bridge of 3 meters long and at least 30 inches high. The challenge is made when at least one member of a team was able to cross the bridge. To do this, we provide you with the equipment and you get 10 minutes to plan before construction you begins this first competition.

2. Relay aquatic

It is a relay race with obstacles. Two opposing teams have to carry as much water as possible using a tray. At the same time, each team tries to prevent the holders of the opposing team to carry more water than its own by throwing inflatable beach balls. At the end of the 6 minutes, 2 other teams challenge.

3. Giant sandcastle

Armed with shovels and large leaps, your team will compete to build the sand castle or the most impressive sculpture. The winner will be chosen by our judges, will be rewarded according to its originality and its size.

4. Special challenges Team Building

Different teams compete in 4 challenges each of these events takes 5 minutes. These challenges seek the collective intelligence of the group, the members of each team must work together to overcome as much as possible during these events.

Crossing a cobweb: Each team will have to cross a spider web to each of its members, and this without at any time he touches the canvas and at the same time keeping balance.

Bringing down a pole: Surprisingly, this task should be much more difficult than you might expect.

Through small aquatic move the water from point A to point B using just a few accessories.

These tests take about 3 hours. This includes 15 minutes of rest between each event, the time to cool (we supply) and regain strength.

Here, a few more to decorate the day at the beach: associate with our beach barbecue or a paella (if you feel spirited for a full day of competition, you can also participate in our paella contests), a drink or a party with live music or a DJ - if you wish, we will arrange!

We can organize our events during the whole year, day and night.

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Site: Ocata range, located 20 minutes by car or train from the center of Barcelona. Or urban beaches of Barcelona (in this case, with an additional cost, see note below).

NOTE: Any activity organized within the scope of the city of Barcelona (beaches, parks) requires authorization. The permit issued by the administrative authorities of Barcelona creates an additional cost of 770 EUR. If you please, contact us for more details.

Paella contest

What's better than a delicious paella and to have a good time together? Especially delicious as you have prepared it yourself! We have specially selected a perfect place to learn all the secrets of this classic Spanish table: a splendid country house! With good air, vineyards and good mood! And a true chef to teach you the art of paella!

And fresh fish and shellfish, more worth than you! On the other hand, our paella contest held in a traditional Catalan farmhouse which is situated in a region of winemaking tradition whose bucolic charm is only 20 minutes from Barcelona!
We will divide people into groups of 10 to 15 per paella. You will prepare together the paella under the guidance of our chef-cooks. Paella completed, our master chef evaluate them. The most delicious will win the contest. Attention! Upon your return, when you prepare a paella, your guests might kidnap you in the kitchen!

Served, depending on your taste, with a chilled white wine or red wine corpulent, paella will be accompanied by various appetizers and desserts, there will of course also be beer and sodas. All this is included in the price, as well as aperitifs and appetizers.

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Transportation from Barcelona to the event: approx. 20 minutes

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