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Andorra is a country in Southern Europe, located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. Its inhabitants are Andorrans and Andorranes.
The principality, whose origins date back to the reign of Charlemagne, is one of the smallest states in the world and is governed by a single system, the paréage.
Long ignored but very attractive, Andorra is out of its isolation in the twentieth century, during which it took advantage of its natural setting.
Thanks to the enormous wealth of its landscapes, the great range of hotels, the possibility of mountain sports and adventure, Andorra has become an important tourist destination. It is no longer a place of passage between Spain and France where we could stop for a few hours to shop tax free or for skiing in winter ...

Andorra surprised by the amount of shops and hotels located on its streets, the large number of religious Roman and Gothic monuments. Its people are very friendly, cheerful, open and regular tourists in general are people who love and respect nature and sports like: walking, mountain climbing, Quads, jeep tours , Jumping, Tire, Karts, Híking ...

Andorra is also known for its seaside resorts, it is one of the largest centers in Europe. Its springs of the Pyrenees, water sulphurées are highly appreciated. Escaldes to gather a lot of Bathing Hotels and Spa Resorts.

Given the possibility of offering tax free products, Andorra has a commercial offering than other cities, especially on the most demanded by tourists (tobacco, perfume, jewelry, luxury items, fashion ... ). The road connecting Andorra la Vella and Escaldes is the most important road in the country. It has become a center of commerce, with hundreds of shops along its 12 km ...

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Communication axes Spanish tourism which are fully understood by the French public.

This year nearly 6 million of them have praised the destination.

The duty of confidentiality which is forced to compel the institutional messages. Iberian Tourism face competitive bidding emerging that part of French professionals have a vision of Spain that is not always in line with the actual market expectation.

Lack of offers tailored to the characteristics and motivations of the various public that plan a trip to Spain, they deprive themselves of a CA "captive" or achieve scores far below the potential that spontaneously generate the promotion and awareness that successfully completes the Spanish Tourist Office.

Spain has always maintained a different incentive tariff cost by means of stay practiced by other members of the European Community.

French tourists that come to Spain motivates the extra they are willing to pay compared to offerings from emerging countries because of the sunshine lifestyle, cultural environment, a safe environment and especially freedom of tone and manners which is more akin to the Nordic democracies than that of the neighboring Latin for which, on some social facts Spain is considered too permissive. In this context the resort, while remaining an asset in the Iberian tourism is no longer the main driver of growth but the icing on a cake made by recreational or themed cultural offers perfectly segmented and targeted to meet closer to the demands of different types of tourism: individual, group, incentive and business travel.

In choosing the theme of communication "brighten your CA on the Iberian Peninsula" Our goal is to bring our expertise to you based on 16 years of success which today make Costa Group with 180,000 pax / year the leading french company on the Iberian peninsula and its islands.


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