Seville Recreational Activities (6)


The group is divided into 6 teams of 12/13 people. 6 rounds, each team will take turns (rotating system). At the end of the contest, all teams have completed all the tests. The entire activity takes about 2 hours. Participants direct test is using a road book. Each test is monitored by a monitor and recorded by a judge. The accumulated points will determine the final standings. In addition, participants will complete a questionnaire about bull fighting and breeding and farm life. A record is established and the first 3 teams receive at the end of the day individual awards.
The idea is to propose an original activity, participatory, humor and competitive authentic, since all tests are carried out daily by the workers of the bulls and horses farms.

We must choose six of the following events:

Bullfighting show
In the arena of private property, two professional bullfighters show the basic techniques of the art of bullfighting. To do this, they make a drive using the "Carretón" is the instrument, such as a bull-bike, which they use to represent the bull.
In turn, all participants of each team must practice, using various instruments, cape, muleta, banderillas, sword, ...
We must imitate the bullfighter and bull ....

Observation and sorting cattle
From the corrals to the bullring, participants must organize a team. They observe a herd of livestock and must answer a questionnaire and observation. Will they fairent the difference between cows, bulls, steers, heifers, ...?
Then, at the request of "mayoral" (the farm manager), the team must achieve a working cowboy and seperate one animal from the herd and stand alone in one of the corrals. They need to think about a strategy using sliding doors, voice, sticks tri ...

The Bullfighting Museum
The team visit the private museum of the family of Marquis Albaserrada. A century of bullfighting. A questionnaire on the highlights of the farm must be completed.

Local crafts
Each participant, advised and assisted by a local master artisan, must make an original work representing a theme discovered during this tour (the campaign, bull, horse, bull, ...). The proposed techniques are pottery, ceramics, painting, wicker, leather, granite, ... The participant will carry his work as a souvenir.

Equestrian Event
Cowbirds farm participants show Andalusian horse harnesses (saddle and bridle). In turn, the team must prepare 2 or 3 of these horses and climb the career for this purpose.

Proof of picador
It is preparing a picador's horse with all the editing complex flank. The team will designate a picador (the tough group) that will dress up and make a test with the spear.

Handling a coupling
This test can be coupled with the equestrian event, participants shared between horses and carriages.
The team boarded a vehicle pulled by horses or mules. Advised by a professional driver who leads them and shows them at the beginning, participants must conduct their own team, performing maneuvers requested by the driver.

Sevillian dance
Two professional dancers, perform a demonstration of this popular dance, lively and fundamental in Andalusia: the sevillana.
Participants, men and women, in turn, having dressed in the traditional costumes are dancing and choreography invent a whole.
Giggles guaranteed.

Under the supervision of a professional cook, the team must perform a local traditional dish: paella, gazpacho, tortilla (omelette), sangria, churros (fritters) ... ingredients, utensils, and a recipe available to them .

FINCA Mirandilla

The location of Mirandilla is northeast of Seville, in a serene blue sky, its environment is a series of gentle valleys enlivened by an abundant presence of oaks, eucalyptus and wild olive trees.
The farm extends over 625 hectares with 500 cattle. Mirandilla is a shortcut for living in harmony with nature, a haven of peace and quiet. Only the mystery of the fighting bull sometimes disturbs the tranquility.
Facilities, dating back over a century, the power of authenticity. The decor is that of a typical house in the country. Neat but no frills. Sober, just and true.

Pupils of Albaserrada learn bull fighting for nearly a century. Body smooth, shiny black fur, horns well developed and sharp, brave and ferocious temperament. It is the mark of the "Albaserrada" House.
On 12 October 1965, the bull "Laborioso" demonstrates extraordinary behavior during his public battle arenas. Seville gets her grace, forgiveness. He goes out of his living with glorified combat.
"Laborioso" spent ten years in the fields of "Mirandilla" as a happy player. 400 descendants of the bravest are the legacy of this extraordinary animal, whose memory still haunts the land Mirandilla.

The job breeder of fighting bulls is a subtle blend of science and alchemy. The cowboys on horseback, on a daily basis, monitor the long process of preparation of the bull, whose fight in the arena is the result.
The fundamental test decette selection in private arenas, casually refer to the "tienta" test. Only the best heifers become breeding cows. It is in this natural laboratory that the sensitivity of the breeder touches.
In adulthood, after five years of happiness, the bull from his destiny, will express the qualities that gives race, haste, bravery and nobility.
He finally delivers the mystery of behavior that he kept at the bottom of his heart.

To the Marquis of Albaserrada. Mirandilla, hospitable, cheerful and frank, you can rub the bull in his natural element. Men and women who will the respect the pupils have for the animal king.
Without ever leaving the authentic, Marquis of Albaserrada you will discover its beasts approaching the tractor / trailer, attending a "tienta" in arenas or visit the Bullfighting Museum family.
Its rustic rooms welcome you to enjoy the most traditional cuisine of Andalusia countryside. If present in the Andalusian daily, you can familiarize yourself with cheerful, flowered and spontaneous sevillane music.

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